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Fall Seeds

Whitetail Institute’s annual and perennial seed products for food plots for deer are scientifically designed to be palatable, high in protein and carbohydrates, and extremely attractive to deer. Planting in the fall provides new, tender growth during hunting season and critical nutritional forage for deer throughout the cold winter months. Fall annuals can also be planted as nurse or cover crops with fall planted perennials to provide additional early tonnage and drought resistance.



      Stock up for your 2024 food plot plantings. In addition to these great prices, you'll receive a 4lb. bag of BowStand FREE. This bonus is only available with Whitetail Institute products ordered from this page.   All...

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  • Imperial Whitetail Clover (Perennial)

    Imperial Whitetail Clover (Perennial)

      Imperial Whitetail Clover is the number one food plot planting in the world! Why? Because Imperial Whitetail Clover contains the only clover genetically designed for whitetail deer.  Imperial Whitetail Clover has an extremely high protein...

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      Destination is an outstanding, highly palatable, fall annual planting for whitetail deer. We have combined some of our most attractive early and late season forages with WINA 210 Kale to keep deer in your plots from germination time, until the...

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  • Imperial Pure Attraction (Annual)

    Imperial Pure Attraction (Annual)

        A one-two punch - INCREDIBLE ATTRACTION in both the early and late hunting season. Customers requested a product that would provide abundant, nutritious forage for fall and winter that grows rapidly and is extremely attractive to deer in...

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  • Fusion (Perennial)

    Fusion (Perennial)

        Imperial Whitetail Fusion combines the #1 food-plot seeds in the world, Imperial Whitetail Clover, with the outstanding performance of WINA perennial forage chicory for even greater tonnage, higher protein, and enhanced performance...

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  • Imperial No-Plow (Annual)

    Imperial No-Plow (Annual)

      Sometimes, the best spots for food plots can be the toughest places to maneuver heavy equipment. If you can get there by 4-wheeler or foot and the area gets 3 to 4 hours of sunlight a day, the Imperial No-Plow food plot can give you a hardy,...

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  • Ravish Radish

    Ravish Radish

        The Ravish Radish food plot seeds feature high production annual varieties that are designed to work together to attract and hold deer throughout the fall and winter.  These include the NEW Whitetail Institute’s proprietary...

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  • Beets & Greens

    Beets & Greens

        Imperial Whitetail Beets & Greens features annual seed varieties that are designed to work together to attract and hold deer throughout the fall and winter.  These include the Whitetail Institute’s proprietary kale,...

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  • Tall Tine Tubers

    Tall Tine Tubers (Annual)

        It took six years to develop the new turnip variety in Imperial Whitetail TALL TINE TUBERS. The result is the most attractive turnip variety the Whitetail Institute could develop or has ever tested. TALL TINE TUBERS provides two forage...

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  • Imperial Winter-Greens (Annual)

    Imperial Winter-Greens (Annual)

          Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens is an annual seed blend of cool season WINA brassicas specifically designed for late-season food plots and late-season hunting. Imperial Whitetail Winter-Greens is highly drought-resistant,...

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  • VISION (Perennial)

    VISION (Perennial)

        Imperial Whitetail Vision is a fall planted perennial that features the number-one food-plot planting in the world, plus the attraction and drought resistance of WINA-100 perennial forage chicory, and the increased early and late season...

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  • ChicMagnet (Perennial)

    ChicMagnet (Perennial)

        Want an attractive, drought-resistant, perennial forage with incredible drawing power? Try Imperial Whitetail “Chic” Magnet, featuring WINA-100 Forage Chicory, which is more tender and less waxy than traditional...

  • Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus (Perennial)

    Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus (Perennial)

        Planting a perennial food plot on a hilltop, hillside or in lighter, upland soil? Try Imperial Whitetail Alfa-Rack Plus. Whitetail Institute’s R&D team designed Alfa-Rack Plus to produce an extensive deep-root structure...

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  • Imperial Edge (Perennial)

    Imperial Edge (Perennial)

        Imperial Whitetail Edge is an incredibly attractive perennial food plot seed mix for well-drained soils. Includes a Sainfoin variety specially selected by the Whitetail Institute for its preference by deer – THEY LOVE...

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  • Whitetail Oats Plus (Annual)

    Whitetail Oats Plus (Annual)

    The Imperial Whitetail Oats Plus is an oat based product that is extremely attractive and winter hardy. When a university tested different oat varieties for grain production, the grazing pressure by deer on one specific variety was so heavy it was...

    MSRP: $69.00
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  • Winter Peas Plus (Annual)

    Winter Peas Plus (Annual)

        Imperial Whitetail Winter Peas PLUS contains Whitetail Institute's proprietary winter pea variety that has proven more attractive to deer than any other winter pea variety the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. Imperial Whitetail...

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  • Imperial Extreme (Perennial)

    Imperial Extreme (Perennial)

        Want to plant a perennial food plot in slightly less than ideal conditions? The result of years of research and development, Imperial Whitetail Extreme is a seed blend that will enable you to plant a successful perennial food plot in...

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  • Secret Spot (Annual)

    Secret Spot (Annual)

        Plant your own personal food plot known only to you and your deer. Imperial Whitetail Secret Spot is an annual forage specifically designed for smaller, remote food plots – areas known only to you and your deer! Secret Spot...

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  • BowStand (Annual)

    BowStand (Annual)

        Imperial Whitetail BowStand is designed to bring deer into funnels, pinch-points, trails and other small, remote bow stand sites. This food plot for shaded areas can be planted with minimal effort and equipment (with as little as...

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