Years of research and development go into producing Whitetail Institute’s forage products.
The results are field-proven and can help you enjoy the best deer hunting ever.

Research = Results

Whitetail Institute’s genetically developed seeds must pass a grueling multi-year research program before we ever put our name on it. That’s why millions of acres of Whitetail Institute seeds have been planted and professionals trust Whitetail Institute’s proprietary formulations above all others.

*Whitetail Institute’s extensive research and development network includes deer hunters, research universities, farmers and seed producers around the world allowing us to discover new and better forages. Our research, development and testing is conducted at our headquarters in Alabama and within our system of Certified Research Stations and field testers across North America. This unique process lets us subject our seeds and seed blends to the harshest critics of all – Mother Nature, real hunters and the wild, free-ranging deer all across North America so you will have the best deer hunting ever.