Alfa-Rack Plus

Planting a perennial food plot on a hilltop, hillside or in lighter, upland soil?

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Planting a perennial food plot on a hilltop, hillside or in lighter, upland soil?

  • Try Whitetail Institute Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus. Whitetail Institute’s R&D team designed Alfa-Rack Plus to produce an extensive deep-root structure that helps plants thrive on hilltops and hillsides.  Alfa-Rack Plus features grazing alfalfas that are high-protein, drought and cold tolerant, have more leaf relative to stem and are more palatable to deer than ordinary hay alfalfas.  Alfa-Rack Plus also contains Imperial Whitetail Clover and WINA Chicory, which is vastly more palatable to deer than traditional, more waxy textured chicory.

  • This Alfalfa food plot seed for deer is EXTREMELY cold-tolerant

  • Heat, drought and disease-resistant

  • Coated with RainBondTM for enhanced seedling survivability

  • Perennial - Whitetail Institute's Imperial Alfa-Rack Plus lasts up to 5 years from a single planting

    Alfa-Rack Plus is deep rooted and has been developed to grow successfully on hilltops, hillsides, and in moderate to well-drained soils.


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  • 5
    great product

    Posted by Frank P. on 15th Jan 2024

    its like magic

  • 5
    Good Results

    Posted by Clarke R. on 17th Oct 2023

    I planted Alfa Rack w forage oats as a nurse crop. Planted first week in September. It’s now October and the Alfa Rack has filled in perfect. Deer love it

  • 5
    Food Plot

    Posted by Ben H. on 31st May 2023

    Best fields I have ever planted. Can't wait to see animal pics with my Reconyx cell cameras

  • 5

    Posted by Michael R on 4th Jul 2022

    Great product!! My mother does and fawns bed down right next to my alfa-rack plot. Working on expanding this plot because they devour it.

  • 4
    Alfa Rack

    Posted by Bob H. on 16th Jul 2021

    Germinated and is growing quite well.. Chicory and clover are growing fast. Deer are already showing up on camera.

  • 5

    Posted by Paul S. on 7th Jun 2021

    Did everything stated on the label for planting and it came up perfectly.

  • 5
    Starting Them Young

    Posted by Seamus L. on 16th Aug 2018

    I have used Whitetail Institute Products for years, and I have never been disappointed. This year we went with Alfalfa Rack Plus The does are raising the fawns on it. I have a Alfalfa field for hay but they prefer the Afalfa rack Plus. Thanks WhiteTail for your super Product

  • 5

    Posted by ANDY P. on 6th Aug 2018

    Doing very well! We're in a drought and it's doing pretty good. It's doing better than anything else that I have planted there for many years!

  • 5

    Posted by Kory S on 3rd Jun 2018

    I threw this over some clover before a rain and it just exploded. I’m talking one the best food plots I have made in my years of hunting. Alfa-Rack grew so rapid and thick, I am buying more for an acre plot on a different property of mine.

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