Imperial Whitetail Vision is a fall planted perennial that features the number-one food-plot planting in the world.

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Imperial Whitetail Vision is a fall planted perennial that features the number-one food-plot planting in the world, plus the attraction and drought resistance of WINA-100 perennial forage chicory, and the increased early and late season tonnage and exceptional attractiveness of 210K annual forage kale.  The Imperial Whitetail Clover component contains the Whitetail Institute’s newest proprietary clovers, which bring the same year-round attraction and protein content to Vision.  WINA-100 chicory and 210K kale boost early tonnage, and they increase attraction by offering deer a variety of exceptionally attractive food options within the same food plot.  WINA-100 chicory also increases the drought resistance of the product even further.  The Imperial Whitetail Clover and Whitetail Institute chicory components of Vision continue to provide abundant protein year-round for antler growth and overall herd health for up to five years after planting.    

  • Includes annual 210K kale specially selected by extensive preference testing on free-ranging deer across the U.S. and Canada
  • Includes Imperial Whitetail Clover for maximum attraction, high protein levels, longevity and variety
  • High tonnage for early and late seasons
  • Provides up to 36% antler-building protein
  • EXTREMELY cold tolerant
  • Heat, drought and disease resistant
  • Coated with RainBondTM for enhanced seedling survivability
  • Perennial clovers last up to 5 years from a single planting

Imperial Whitetail VISION is designed to produce a variety of forage choices for your deer, and do it in a hurry.


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    Imperial Whitetail Vision

    Posted by Rob on 13th Oct 2023

    followed the planting instructions exactly. I've got a pretty solid annual crop coming up and the clover/chickory perennial is also got a good start for next year. I love the concept of having fall foliage and already a nice base for next spring. I rate this as one of the best products WI has to offer.

  • 5

    Posted by Keith B. on 17th Apr 2022

    The deer really like this product.

  • 5
    SW Michigan

    Posted by brad g. on 29th Jan 2022

    doing great and the deer love it. planted a 1/4 acre and over seeded with cereal rye to protect the clovers.

  • 5
    Outstanding blend

    Posted by MO bow hunter on 30th Nov 2020

    I have always liked the blend of clover and chicory. I prefer to plant in fall so I was excited to see a nurse crop added to this blend. The kale is fantastic and the deer are absolutely plowing it all season. I have an acre of this next to a 2 acre plot of a different blend. Hasn’t been a deer one in the other. This has gotta be the best thing I’ve ever planted in 20 years.

  • 5
    Frost just came out and it greening up already

    Posted by Tim J. - MN on 18th Apr 2020

    Planted last summer. Grew fantastic. The deer ate it down to 1/4” high after frost stopped it for the season. The frost is barely gone and it’s already starting to green up . The deer have been in it since the snow levels went low enough to dig through it.

  • 5
    More deer is what we got.

    Posted by Rich M.-MI on 16th Dec 2019

    We hunt a small stretch of private land that is land locked by other properties full of hunters. For years we’ve never seen much more than some does and the occasional small buck. Now thanks to the guidance of your staff and some Whitetail Institute products in our food plot we have a solid herd of does and are starting to see more mature bucks as well! Thanks

  • 5
    My plot is great

    Posted by Harrison B.-MO on 15th Nov 2019

    I planted Vision this past summer and once we got rain it took off. The rut is just beginning and the deer are all over it. Hoping to catch a nice buck chasing this weekend. I think based on the number of doe in the field, it could be a great weekend. Great product.

  • 5

    Posted by Ox W.-Charleston WV on 13th Nov 2019

    The absolute best way to establish Imperial Whitetail Clover in the fall and still have plenty to hunt over. Kale is being hammered along with the clover but there is so much food in our 2 new plots. Very impressive blend. Can't wait to see the full field of clover this spring.

  • 5
    Better than I had hoped

    Posted by John C. on 12th Nov 2019

    I normally plant my clover in the spring but this year I decided to try the Vision in the fall where it would be fully established by spring. The plot is awesome with the kale at about 15 inches and the clover at 5 inches. The deer are starting to devour more and more of it each day. By the end of the year they should have a 2.4 acre plot eaten to the ground. Happy customer.

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