All products include proprietary seeds that are available only in Whitetail Institute products.

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In this trial pack you get the following

1 - Imperial Clover 2lbs(.25 acres)

1 - BowStand 4lbs(4,500 sq ft)

1 - Winter-Greens 3lbs(.5 acres)

1 - Soil Test Kit

Imperial Whitetail Clover is the number one food plot planting in the world! Why? Because Imperial Whitetail Clover contains the only clover genetically designed for whitetail deer. 

Winter-Greens is the most attractive brassica based product the Whitetail Institute has ever tested. It stands tall through extremely cold temperatures and even under snow.

Imperial Whitetail BowStand is designed to bring deer into funnels, pinch-points, trails and other small, remote bow stand sites. This food plot for shaded areas can be planted with minimal effort and equipment (with as little as hand tools). Imperial Whitetail BowStand establishes quickly and begins drawing deer right away – even in partially shaded sites and can continue to produce after heavy grazing.

All products include proprietary seeds that are available only in Whitetail Institute products.

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