Sunn Hemp

Need to add nitrogen to your soil? Sunn Hemp is a rapidly establishing legume.

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Sunn Hemp is a rapidly establishing legume that when grown as a summer annual can produce over 5,000 pounds of biomass and over 100 pounds of nitrogen per acre. Food plotters only need 8 to 12 weeks of frost-free growth conditions to receive these results. Plant Whitetail Institute's Sunn Hemp cover crop when soil temps reach 65 degrees. Sunn Hemp for deer food plots is adapted to a wide range of soils, but it grows best on well-drained soils with a pH from 5.5 to 7.5. It provides the benefits of a cover crop such as erosion control, soil improvement, plus suppression of root-knot nematodes. Sunn Hemp is an excellent summer rotation crop following a fall/winter brassica food plot such as Winter-Greens, Beets & Greens, Tall Tine Tubers or even Pure Attraction. Under proper soil conditions and adequate rainfall, Sunn Hemp can reach 8-12 feet in southern regions and 4-6 feet in the northern regions of the US. Sunn Hemp is also Arrest Max approved!


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  • 5
    Deer love it

    Posted by Rick on 25th Sep 2022

    Germinated quickly. The deer started eating it immediately. They liked it so much it was kept at a height of 10-12 inches.

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    Easy to grow and they loved it

    Posted by Brannon W.-NC on 3rd Mar 2020

    I planted Wi sunn hemp the past two years with great results. I had plants that developed quickly and with deer in the field every day and night razing the plants they continued to develop. It held deer until the plants were eaten to the ground in late fall. Very impressive in a high deer density area.

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    Quick growth and great usage

    Posted by Randy C. - MASS on 19th Nov 2019

    It's our first year testing Whitetail Institute SunnHemp. Great growth and usage. Very pleased. It will be in our planting plans for this coming spring. Seems to hold deer and withstand grazing better than some other companies products we've tried.

  • 5
    Used this as a cover crop

    Posted by Will L. on 18th Nov 2019

    We were late planting Imperial Clover this past spring due to weather. Added some of the Whitetail Institute SunHemp and it worked great.

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    Great development

    Posted by Oliver A. on 24th Oct 2019

    I planted Sunhemp this past summer and it germinated within a week and the deer started to hit it hard. What was strange but good was the more deer we saw eating it the thicker it got. Right now it's so thick the deer are living in it. This is a good one.

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    Great plot

    Posted by Pete F. on 15th Oct 2019

    The deer are using it and have been since I planted it in May. It's still growing and has handled the heavy grazing much better than I expected.

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    Heavy usage

    Posted by Adam S. on 24th Sep 2019

    Our club planted 5 acres of your sunnhemp this past May and it's growing great but the deer won't let it get any taller than 2 feet. It's thick and our cameras show deer in it every day and night. Wanted to see it a little taller but also wanted them to eat it too. We're impressed but need to add another 2-3 acres next spring. Very satisfied and I've recommended it to several of our neighbors. They wanted to know if we were seeing any deer and I showed them the pics and now they know where there deer are. HA HA

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    Posted by Pete W.-KY on 26th Aug 2019

    My first year with your SunnHemp and we're very happy with the results so far. We planted on June 1st and the plants started growing about 7 days after the first rain and were 2 feet tall in a month with good usage by the deer. The plot has deer in it every day but the plants keep growing even with the deer usage. The plot as of this past weekend was about 6' tall and we have another month of growing season. Deer have started bedding in it which we didn't expect but it a plus for us. We're trying to figure out how to keep some deer on our 50 acre property and it seems to be working. Putting in WinterGreens next week. It's another good one.

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    Posted by Mat T-MS on 10th Dec 2018

    I've planted almost everything you offer and this past spring I planted the Sunn Hemp. The plants got a quick start and the deer were in it every day but it kept growing, even with heavy grazing. We cut it down on Labor Day weekend to plant the new Visoin which is awesome. i'll review that after the season.

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