Want to plant a perennial food plot in slightly less than ideal conditions?

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Want to plant a perennial food plot in slightly less than ideal conditions?

The result of years of research and development, Imperial Whitetail Extreme is a seed blend that will enable you to plant a successful perennial food plot in slightly poorer soil. Whitetail Institute's Imperial Extreme excels with less rainfall than other perennials. The Extreme perennial food plot mix is an excellent choice for ground that might otherwise be less productive.

  • Includes the highly attractive and extremely drought tolerant Persist Forb developed by Whitetail Institute specifically for deer
  • Includes WINA-100 perennial forage chicory – vastly more tender and palatable to deer than traditional, more waxy textured chicories
  • Extremely sweet, durable, versatile and highly attractive to deer
  • Extremely cold and heat tolerant
  • Can tolerate lower annual rainfall levels than other perennials
  • Provides up to 44% antler-building protein
  • Coated with RainBondTM for enhanced seedling survivability
  • Perennial - Can last up to 5 years from a single planting

Note: Good soils with a neutral pH and higher annual rainfall can produce even better performance.



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  • 5
    New Seed Tried

    Posted by Cara T. on 14th Jun 2020

    This seed was quick to germinate. It was only planted about 3 weeks ago but looks good coming up.

  • 5
    excellent product

    Posted by Harold on 20th Nov 2019

    The wildlife have really enjoyed eating this product

  • 5

    Posted by Jack on 16th Jul 2019

    I have 4 plots side by side.the deer walk across the other 3 to get to extreme

  • 5
    Unbelievable attraction

    Posted by Gary S on 14th Jan 2019

    It is unbelievable how attractive the Extreme plots are

  • 5
    Great Product with Great Results

    Posted by Chris H. on 28th Aug 2018

    This fall is the first year of putting in any kind of food plot. We have 100 acres in Northeast Missouri, and the majority of it is wooded hills except for a pasture that the cows graze on. Not to mention, our property has a lot of hard rough clay for ground. I researched and researched the best brand to use with limited resources, and came across this. I don’t have a tractor or any big equipment to get up in the woods where I hunt. I packed a hard rake up the hill to an old logging road where I hunt, raked out an area about 10 yards wide by 25 yards long down to bare soil, threw out a little fertilizer, followed by the Extreme, and that was it. Came back a week later after we had a day or so of rain, and there were a couple little sprouts up. Not enough to be excited, but not enough to be worried either. So I went out yesterday to check on it, and it’s barely been over a week since the last time, and man!!! I had a full food plot. Every square inch that I raked out was full with a variety of sprouts, all 4-5 inches in height. 2 weeks after planting and I’m happy as can be. I can only imagine what it’s going to look like come October-November. Needless to say, I’ll be using a 4 wheeler next year to at least triple the size of the food plot next year. Highly recommend this product

  • 5
    Whitetail Institute Extreme

    Posted by Unknown on 11th Jun 2018

    Followed all of the instructions and is growing great.

  • 4
    Whitetail Institute Extreme will grow were others cant

    Posted by Rand G. on 13th May 2018

    I think extreme is a great product grows good in hard conditions and the deer love it!!

  • 5
    Whitetail Extreme

    Posted by David on 22nd Apr 2018

    Planted Mar 15 in central Arkansas, now 22 April. Followed instruction from soil sample and it's coming up great. Good Product

  • 5
    The best

    Posted by Tracy on 28th Mar 2018

    Comes up fast grows great with the deer hammering it

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